Cycle carriage policy

Cycle policyWe welcome passengers with bicycles on Great Northern and Thameslink services where there is enough space for them to be carried safely. Cycles are carried free of charge.

Folding bikes

You can take a compact folding bike on our services at any time, but please make sure that it is fully folded before you get on the train and remains folded throughout the journey.

Non-folding bikes

We can’t accommodate non-folding bikes on our busy morning and evening peak Monday to Friday services, as summarised below:

On the Great Northern Route

  • at any time between Drayton Park and Moorgate
  • on trains south of Stevenage or Hertford North timed to arrive in London between 07:00 and 09:30 Monday to Friday, except on public holidays 
  • on trains timed to leave London between 16:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday, except on public holidays 
  • on trains that are timed to leave Ely or Waterbeach towards Cambridge between 07:45 and 08:45 Monday to Friday, except on public holidays 
  • (You can take a bike with you at any time on trains north of Stevenage, except where shown above, and at any time between Stevenage and Hertford North.) 

On the Thameslink route

  • on trains travelling towards London (northbound and southbound) from any station south of Luton Airport Parkway that are timed to arrive at or pass through any central London station between 07:00 and 10:00 Monday to Friday, except on public holidays
  • on trains travelling away from London and timed to depart from or pass through any central London station between 16:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday, except on public holidays 
  • There are no restrictions at any time between Bedford and Luton Airport Parkway.

Further restrictions

  • In addition to the restrictions detailed above, we cannot carry non-folding bikes on:
  • any train where your bike may cause an obstruction to other passengers when they are boarding, alighting or standing
  • where a member of staff asks you to remove your bike
  • replacement bus services, unless otherwise stated in related publicity material
Please do not lock your bike to any part of the train or leave it unattended at any time during your journey.
You must remove you bike from any space designated for wheelchairs if a passenger using a wheelchair needs it.
Space on board our trains for bikes is very limited due to the high number of passengers that we carry. Almost all stations that we call at have good quality cycle parking facilities and we’re working with local authorities and other partners to make further improvements.
Non-folding bikes are not allowed at any time on most London Underground lines. For details see
Abuse of the above instructions is a breach of Railway Byelaws which can result in legal action. You can download a copy of them from 

National Rail Guide to Cycling by Train

National Rail encourages the integrated use of cycles and trains - two convenient and environmentally friendly forms of transport. This leaflet summarises each train company's policy for carrying cycles by train.