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We want to support as many organisations as possible across our network that support people impacted by homelessness

Helping to tackle a national issue

The number of people sleeping on the streets in Britain has increased substantially in the past few years, but rough sleeping is just the most visible part of a much wider homelessness pandemic, with many people using foodbanks on a daily basis. We have a large role to play to support our communities, who provide support for people in need. What we can do to help is make the most of our network, used by thousands of people each day, to reach those who are willing to help. We pledge to support our local partners, including:

  • Foodbanks and kitchens
  • Homeless provisions and prevention services
  • Fundraising initiatives

Our teams have held food banks, donation drives, fundraising cake sales, and helped out in the kitchen at local shelters.

Working with Noah

We are pleased to partner with Noah – as one of our three corporate charity partners for two years. We will be working closely with them to fundraise and raise awareness of mental health.

Find out more about Noah.

The Railway Food Collection

Partnering with local foodbanks to support our local communities

We partnered with Bedford Foodbank and The Black & Minority Ethnic Community Partnership (BMECP) Food Bank to launch a community pilot, encouraging our passengers and employees to make food donations at Brighton and Bedford.

Why is Thameslink supporting foodbanks

Following the widespread impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, foodbanks across the country have seen unprecedented need for support.

With the railway serving an important role in supporting and connecting local communities, the pilot - The Railway Food Collection - initially supported Black & Minority Ethnic Community Partnership (BMECP) Food Bank in Brighton & Hove and Bedford Foodbank to increase the number of families in crisis that they could support, in partnership with UK charity The Trussell Trust.

At the height of UK lockdown restrictions in April 2020, the Trussell Trust’s network of food banks saw an 89% increase in need compared to the same period last year, with a staggering 107% increase in emergency food parcels for children.