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Our commitments

We know you want a comfortable, reliable and seamless train service. Learn more about what we’re doing to deliver that standard to you.

What we’re aiming for

Over our seven-year franchise, we’re looking to improve every aspect of our customer service experience.

We want to:

  • Modernise the railway to make it easier to use 
  • Improve the reliability and capacity of our trains
  • Make our staff more available on trains and in stations
  • Use new technology to keep passengers informed and simplify ticket buying
  • Improve the on board and station environment

What we’re working on

Our plans for improvement are ambitious, but we’ve got a full schedule of projects to help us reach those goals. Here are some of things we’re working on in the coming months and beyond. 

Deadline date Commitment
2017 Introduction of ‘KeyGo’ – enabling holders of ‘the key’ smartcard to ‘pay as you go’
2017 Ongoing driver recruitment, aiming to reach a total of 390 qualified Thameslink drivers by 31 Dec 2017
2018 Reopen London Bridge station
2018 Complete the introduction of our new Class 700 trains
2018 Increase to 24 trains per hour – each way – through the core of our network
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