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Revenue protection policy

Our aim is to be clear and transparent with customers in everything we do. This short guide sets out our revenue protection policies so you can be sure we deal with all of our customers fairly and consistently.

Thameslink is committed to:

  • Every passenger paying for their journey
  • Making it easy to buy a ticket
  • Offering all our passengers a safe, reliable and pleasant journey
  • Reducing and preventing fare evasion on our services

We will be vigorous, effective and consistent in all our dealings with fare evasion and revenue protection activity. We use relevant legislation and powers to ensure that we protect the interest of all our fare paying passengers.

We will make it clear to passengers what their responsibilities are when travelling with us, how to get the correct ticket for their journey and if they do not, we will make it clear what will happen and when.

Thameslink will:

  • Operate a penalty fares scheme on its trains and at all of its stations
  • Prosecute criminal fare evasion
  • Prosecute offences under the Railway Byelaws
  • Comply with the Data Protection Act
  • Seek financial compensation for costs and damages incurred