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Set up keyGo on your Key Smartcard to get the best day fares available on the day of travel, and weekly capping, for your pay as you go journeys.

What is keyGo?

Register for keyGo and you can PAYG for journeys across our network using our Key Smartcard.

There is no need to top-up, you simply tap-in and tap-out on the yellow contactless pads at stations, and we will automatically calculate the best value daily or weekly fare based on the journeys you have made and charge this to your payment card.

Even better, if you are a regular traveller, you can make as many journeys as you like between two stations across the week and you will never pay more than a weekly season ticket. So rather than trying to work out what ticket you need at the start of the day or week, just tap and go and we will do the rest for you!

Why should I register for keyGo?

  • No more queueing

    Simply tap in and tap out. No need to buy individual tickets for each journey.

  • Flexible and hassle-free

    You no longer need to decide the best ticket at the start of the day or week. Simply tap and go in the knowledge you are guaranteed the best value.

  • Automatic delay repay

    Register your railcard with keygo and receive automated notifications and compensation for any travel delays.

  • Extra value

    Link your railcard to your keygo account and enjoy additional discounts on your journeys automatically.

Setting up keyGo

Illustration of a hand holding a Key Smartcard

Save money with weekly capping

If you are a regular traveller, weekly capping guarantees you the best value in any given week. Travel as much as you like between two stations on the keygo network across the week (04:30 Monday – 04:29 Monday) and never pay more than an equivalent weekly season ticket.

So rather than decide at the start of the week if you will get enough value from a season ticket, you can simply tap and go in the knowledge that you will always get the best value.

We will notify you when you have hit your weekly cap, and you can enjoy the feeling of unlimited free travel for the rest of that week!

If you don’t hit the cap, then you benefit from only paying for the journeys you have made.

Linking a railcard to keyGo

The following railcards can also be used with keyGo: 16 –17 Saver, 16 – 25 Railcard, 26 –30 Railcard, Senior Railcard, Annual Goldcard, Network Railcard, HM Forces Railcard, Disabled Persons railcard, Veterans Railcard, and Job Centre Plus.

Download the keyGo map

Keen to see where you can travel with keyGo? Check out where keyGo is active on our network map.

Please note that keyGo cannot be used on the same Key Smartcard together with Flexi Season tickets. Find out more here.

Please read the keyGo terms and conditions 

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