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Trains to Eynsford and Shoreham

Take Thameslink to discover these hidden gems by the river Darent in Kent. These beautiful countryside villages are the perfect place for a day out with an Off-Peak ticket.

Things to do


Lullingstone Castle & The World Garden

Lullingstone Castle is one of England’s oldest family estates, that Henry VIII and Queen Anne were known to have been regular visitors of. The beautiful World Garden presents visitors with the combinations of plant heritage and cutting-edge horticulture.

Lullingstone Roman Villa

Looking for the perfect all-weather day out for the whole family? Immerse yourself in the history of the Romans, by visiting the Lullingstone Roman Villa, from about AD 100. Admire the spectacular mosaics, while the kids are dressing up in traditional Roman costumes.

Eynsford Castle

Continue the journey through history by visiting the ruined medieval fortification that is Eynsford Castle. Built on the site of a former Anglo-Saxon manor, this example of an early Norman enclosure castle is an exciting place for the whole family, right in the middle of Eynsford village.

Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation

If you prefer to experience nature instead, then why not visit the Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation. It is home to one of the UK’s larges Bird of Prey Centres, organising daily demonstrations of flying eagles. The Foundation also houses a variety of animals including meerkats, African servals, farm animals, reptiles and huskies.

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Following the River Darent towards the south lies the village of Shoreham. It is one station further south from Eynsford on Thameslink, just a few stations before Sevenoaks.

Lavender farm

Did you know there is a lavender farm in Kent? A beautiful patchwork of purple covers the land from late June until the end of July as the lavender fields at Castle Farm burst into bloom, giving you the perfect background for a selfie. Don’t forget to pick up some of the farm’s own beef, apples, Kentish hop garlands, pumpkins, lavender oils, lavender teas and honey from the farm shop as souvenirs from this slice of southern France in Kent.

Shoreham Aircraft Museum

This small museum is dedicated to the airmen who fought in the skies over southern England during the Second World War, and is a great spot for an educational afternoon. It houses hundreds of aviation relics excavated by the group over many years from crashed British and German aircraft, as well as flying helmets, uniforms and insignia. The Shoreham Aircraft Museum has a charming tea room, serving home-made cakes and refreshments that can be enjoyed in the large tea garden after your visit.

Home of Charles Darwin

When you visit Shoreham, don’t miss out on visiting Down House, the home of Charles Darwin. You can visit the study where Darwin wrote 'On the Origin of Species', or how about strolling through the gardens that inspired him? The museum is a short 20-minute drive from Shoreham.

Scale Model of the Solar System

Did you know nearby Otford has a scale model of the solar system in a field? The sun is represented by a 303mm diameter dome and each planet by a scale engraving on a flat disc. Walking between the planets in the field shows exactly how vast our solar system is. Take Thameslink from Shoreham one station down to Otford, to visit all the planets in our solar system during a leisurely walk.

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