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Save 20% at the weekend or on Bank Holidays with our Super Off Peak ticket

Super Off-Peak - save even more at the weekend

Super Off-Peak tickets mean you can save even more at the weekend compared to a normal Super Off-Peak or Off- Peak ticket. So get out and about this Spring and your day trip will cost even less when you go by train. So, whether it’s a creepy day at a Jack the Ripper tour or heading to see the creepy crawlies at ZSL London Zoo we can take you there by train. Better still if you are taking the kids they will go for just £2*

Super Off-Peak weekends at a glance

  • Valid all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays
  • Use with your Railcard or GroupSave discount to save even more
  • Single, return and open return fares available
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London St Pancras to St Albans

Super Off-Peak Day Return

Buy tickets from £8.60

Brighton to London Bridge

Super Off-Peak Day Return

Buy tickets from £10.80

Bedford to London

Super Off-Peak Day Travelcard

Buy tickets from £21.00

Prices quotes above are for Super Off-Peak weekend fares

Super Off-Peak weekdays - save more money while avoiding the morning and evening peaks!

If you’re travelling to London on a weekday but outside the morning or evening peak times, it’s cheaper to buy a Super Off-Peak ticket than an Off-Peak fare.

Super Off-Peak times depend on the train company you’re travelling with, where you’re going and when you’re travelling. Use the journey planner to check for Super Off-Peak services.

When travelling with Thameslink, Super Off-Peak Day tickets allow travel to London St Pancras on any train arriving at or after 10:55. Return journeys are not valid on trains timed to depart London St Pancras between 16:29 and 19:02 Monday to Friday. Super Off Peak Day Travelcard journeys wholly within the London Zones 1-6 area are not restricted after 10:55.

Super Off-Peak weekdays at a glance

  • Travel Monday to Friday outside of busy times
  • Use with your Railcard or GroupSave discount to save even more
  • Single, Return and Travelcard fares available

Spring into action with the kids for just £2

You can take the kids for that trip to St Albans, Brighton, London or in fact anywhere on our network for just £2 this Spring. Up to 4 children can travel with you and the discount is automatically applied when you book online!


Save on First Class with your Railcard

If you have a Senior, HM Forces or Disabled Persons Railcard, you get 1/3 off all First Class Off-Peak and First Class Super Off-Peak fares.

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Read the general terms and conditions for Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets. Got a question? Contact us.

No booking fees and collect from any station in the UK

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