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Season ticket calculator

If you make two or more rail trips each week, our season ticket calculator can show you how much you could save. Find out which ticket is the right option for you.

Using our season ticket calculator

If you make the same rail trip at least twice a week, buying tickets each day can work out more expensive. So, why not use our season ticket calculator and see how much you could save? You just need to choose your route and how often you'll be travelling. Our calculator will do the rest.

Once you've picked from the available options, it'll then take you through to purchase it online.

Be sure to check out our other ticket types – just in case a train season ticket isn't right for you.

Our calculator is only designed to compare season tickets. It does not offer a full comparison of all the available fares available for your trip – not least if you plan to travel at Off-Peak times.

It's always a good idea to check before you travel and before you buy a season ticket. If there are any scheduled engineering works, these could affect your plans.

Why use our season ticket calculator?

For frequent trips between the same two stations, you might find that a season ticket offers so much more value. No matter which option you choose when you travel by train, season tickets provide unlimited travel until they expire. You can even add a Travelcard option for London travel too.

Cost savings are just one benefit of your season ticket. Another is that you won't have to get to the station early in order to purchase your daily tickets. It also means there's no queuing.

When is your season ticket valid?

Using our season ticket calculator, you can compare and choose when your ticket is valid. With a Flexi Season Ticket, for example, you can travel on any 8 days between your two preferred stations within a 28-day period. Please note, this option isn't available on all journeys.

For commuters or leisure travellers who make three or more trips during a week, a 7-Day (or Weekly) Season Ticket is valid for seven days in a row.

Looking for even more flexibility? Choose a Monthly Season Ticket and travel between your two named stations as often as you like for an entire calendar month.

You also have the option to create a Custom Season Ticket that covers a longer period. You can do this by simply asking for a specific number of months and any extra days you need. It still gives you the same discounted rate on your travel too.

With an Annual Season Ticket, you could make even greater savings – not least if you think you'll need 10 or more Monthly Season Tickets to cover your travel plans. It'll be valid for a full calendar year, which means you effectively get 12 weeks' worth of free journeys.

You'll also receive an Annual Gold Card when you purchase an Annual ticket.

Do you use a Flexi Season to travel 3 days per week?

For anyone who plans to travel 3 or more days a week, you'll need to buy more than one Flexi Season Ticket. Valid for up to 28 days, you're free to carry across any travel into the following calendar month if you don't use up your allowance.

Please bear in mind that you won't find this reflected in our season ticket calculator when you choose a 3-day per week work pattern for an odd number of months – i.e., 1 or 3. To get the comparable price per day, please choose an even number of months – i.e., 2 or 4.

Travelling 3 or more days a week? Then check out our other ticket types, as they might suit you better.

What do season ticket prices mean?

Total period cost

The calculation of the Total period cost doesn't factor in any annual leave. So, the Flexi Season Ticket cost for 12 months' travel will depend on how many days per week you'll be travelling.

If you want to travel no more than 2 days per week for 12 months, the calculation is based on 12 Flexi Season Tickets. If your travel will be more regular than this, you'll need more than 12 Flexi Season Tickets. As such, the Total period cost will reflect this.

Cost per day

The various season ticket prices in the calculator are all based on the lowest daily cost, and the cost is an average, based on your answers. This is determined by the number of days you travel in a week and the type of season ticket you want.

The more you plan to travel by rail, the more likely you'll get better value from a season ticket.

All season ticket prices are based on fares at the time of purchase too. You won't pay any more for your travel if fares go up while you hold a valid ticket.

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak fares

One thing our season ticket calculator won't do is compare all the various fare options available to you. Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak fares aren't included, which could work out better value if you tend to travel at less busy times.

Buy your season ticket online

Click through from our season ticket calculator to buy online as soon as you decide which option is right for you. We accept Amazon Pay, PayPal, and major debit and credit cards.

You can get your season ticket loaded onto a Key Smartcard. Quicker and more convenient than a paper ticket, you can also load your ticket to your Key Smartcard through our app.

Using your season ticket

Once you have your season ticket, you're free to use it for any trips between your start and end station. For as long as it's valid, there are no limits to how often you can travel either.

Not all season ticket prices include travel across London though. Be sure to include a Travelcard if you want to add Tube, bus, DLR, or tram travel as part of your season ticket. London Pay-As-You-Go fares are not included either in the Season Ticket Calculator.

More advice and information

Get in touch with us with any queries you have about our season ticket calculator. You can also get more advice and information by visiting one of the following links.