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Auto Delay Repay

We’ve got some big news about Delay Repay for our Key Smartcard customers

Auto Delay Repay for our Key Smartcard customers

For Auto Delay Repay to work you must:

  • Have a Key Smartcard (click here to register)
  • Be signed up for Auto Delay Repay (log into your account here to check your account settings)
  • Touch in and out at the beginning and end of your journey using your Key Smartcard. The system only works by reviewing your tap data so it’s important to do this, even if ticket barrier gates are open (which they may be especially during severe disruption)
  • Be traveling on a Thameslink, Great Northern, Southern or Gatwick Express service

You will:

  • Receive Auto Delay Repay claims for all ticket types
  • Receive an email alert within 48 hours of your delayed journey (this gives the system time to check all ‘tap data’ across the network)
  • Have 28 days to confirm your claim (from the day of the delayed journey)
  • Receive compensation for delays of 15 minutes or longer. The level of compensation paid depends on the ticket held and the length of delay. Click here for more details
  • Be paid using your preferred payment method (options are electronica bank transfer (BACS), credit/debit card payment (Visa only), e-Voucher, PayPal, Amazon Pay or Charity Donation)
  • Usually be paid within 14 days of confirming the claim

You can:

  • Provide us with further information about your delayed journey (please note referred claims to one of our team may take longer to process)
  • Still claim Delay Repay manually if you prefer (if you make a manual Delay Repay claim for a journey that we also identify as being delayed, any automatic claim will be cancelled and will not appear in your account)

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