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Destination Dash teams standing on a Brighton train station

Destination Dash

Thameslink is victorious in the epic TikTok face-off against Southern

iphone showing Thameslink TikTokCelebrate Thameslink's winning journey

Thameslink reigns supreme in the thrilling "Destination Dash" on TikTok, showcasing the best of rail travel across the South East. From the historic streets of St Albans to the scenic vistas of London Blackfriars, Thameslink's team led the charge, winning the hearts of adventurers and the competition with flair and finesse.

The face-off between Team Southern and Team Thameslink was nothing short of epic, with six gripping challenges that tested their creativity, athleticism, and quick thinking. In the end, our Team clinched the victory with a remarkable score of 106 to 77, proving their mettle across three of the six challenges.

The real victory, however, extends beyond the competition itself: one fortunate TikTok supporter of Team Thameslink will soon be chosen at random to relive the adventure, basking in all the rewards and free travel perks that come with it.

Don't just watch from the sidelines—be part of the Thameslink adventure and follow us on TikTok! Engage with our content, and let the rails lead you to your next adventure. Smash that follow button on @southernrailuk & @tlrailuk

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Destination Dash map

The voice of Thameslink & Southern

Also starring the voice of Thameslink and Southern, who will put the teams to the test in a grand finale in Brighton!

Matt Streeton (@matt_thetrainguy)

You’ll recognise Matt’s distinctive dulcet tones across hundreds of our trains and stations. He’ll be following the teams throughout the Dash, and putting them to the test in the grand finale, and he loves a bit of TikTok too – he’s @matt_thetrainguy

Destination Dash teams on London Bridge