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Can I get a Priority seat card?

Find out if you qualify for priority seating and learn what evidence you need to submit when you send in your application.

Check if you qualify

You can get a priority card if you find it hard to stand on the train, for instance if you are:

  • disabled or have a medical condition
  • blind or visually impaired
  • pregnant
  • over 65
  • travelling with a child under 3

You can show your card to someone in a priority seat to ask them to give up their seat for you.

Find out more about priority cards.

Evidence for your priority card

When you apply for a priority card you’ll need to send us copies of documents showing us:

  1. proof of your address – such as a utility bill, driving licence or council tax bill
  2. evidence of why you need the card

Make sure you send us a copy of any document, not the original.

See the lists below for the documents you can send us to prove you qualify for a priority card.