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Bringing a bike

Feel free to travel with a folding bike any time. But if you want to bring a regular cycle on board, there are some restrictions you should know about.

Our cycle policy

If you have a fully folding cycle, you’re welcome to bring it on board any of our trains. Just be sure to fold and carry your bike before going through the ticket gates.

Please note that by fully folding, we mean a cycle that has small wheels and folds in more than one place. At present, we do allow larger cycles with a single folding point, as long as they are easily carried.

Limits on regular cycles

You can bring non-folding cycles on many of our trains. But during the busy morning and afternoon commuting hours, space on board is at a premium. So unfortunately, we can’t let you bring regular bikes along during peak hours.

Peak hour trains are the following:

  • At any time between Drayton Park and Moorgate
  • Trains south of Stevenage or Hertford North arriving in London between 07:00 and 09:30 Monday to Friday, except on Bank Holidays
  • On trains leaving London between 16:00 and 19:00 Monday to Friday, except on Bank Holidays
  • On trains leaving Ely or Waterbeach towards Cambridge between 07:45 and 08:45 Monday to Friday, except on Bank Holidays

You can take a bike with you at any time on trains north of Stevenage, except where shown in the list above, and at any time between Stevenage and Hertford North.

Additional limits

There are times when our services see heavy use outside of peak hours. If a train is especially crowded and cycle spaces are already occupied, we may need to refuse access to non-folding bicycles. This is to protect the safety and comfort of all our passengers.

If we can’t let you board because there’s no room for your bike, our staff will help you find another train.

In case of engineering works

For safety reasons, we can’t take non-folding cycles on rail replacement buses. Please check for any engineering works before you travel.

I need to take my cycle on the train, as I use it to continue my journey at the other end. Can you make an exception?

For the safety of all our passengers, we can’t make exceptions on peak hour restrictions. But we do want to support our passengers who commute by bicycle. You might consider:

  • Using a folding cycle
  • Travelling earlier or later to avoid peak times
  • Buying two cycles and keep one at each end of your journey
  • Making use of London’s self-service bike-sharing scheme, Santander Cycles

If I use a station shelter with CCTV, is Thameslink responsible for my cycle?

Sorry, no. While we aim to provide safe and secure bike parking, ultimately your cycle is left at your own risk.

If the space designated for wheelchair users is free, why can't I use it for my bike?

Even if there are no wheelchair users, during busy periods this space is meant to be used as extra seating or standing room for passengers.

Parking your bike at the station

There are secure cycle parking facilities at many of our stations - find yours now