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Carnet tickets

When you buy a Carnet you get a book of pre-paid single tickets for a certain journey. It’s cheaper than buying the same tickets on the day you travel.

Carnet tickets

If you regularly make the journey in and out of London but you’re never really sure when you’ll need to travel, our Carnet tickets could be perfect for you. As well as being ideal for occasional trips to a different office or client meetings in the capital, these tickets can potentially save you money when you book in advance.

What are Carnet tickets?

When you choose a Carnet train ticket, you’ll receive a book of pre-paid, standard class tickets for a certain journey. These are single tickets and they’re cheaper than buying the same ticket for that journey on the day you travel. They’re single rather than return tickets. If you need to make regular round trips, you will need to buy a book of Carnet tickets for each direction.

Do you use Peak Carnet tickets?

Kindly note that Flexi Season tickets have replaced our Peak Carnet tickets. There are no changes to our Off-Peak Carnet tickets.

Why travel with Carnet tickets?

Carnet tickets are ideal for business travellers making frequent trips on the same route. Here’s how they can benefit you:

  • Cost-effective journeys: save 10% when you buy a book of five or 10 Carnet tickets
  • Flexibility around when you travel, even if you choose to travel with Off-Peak tickets
  • Make your travel expenses budget go further when you choose from Anytime or Off-Peak Carnet tickets
  • Valid for three months

Can be used on a range of routes between Thameslink stations (excludes the Underground, although there are exceptions*)

When can I use Carnet train tickets?

If you decide to buy a book of Anytime tickets, you’ll be able to travel at any time of the day. This includes the rush hour.

Want to avoid the rush hour during the week? Our Off-Peak Carnet tickets are the perfect choice if you arrive into London after 10am, or if you’re heading out of the capital after 9.30am on weekdays. They’re also great if you plan to travel before 4.30pm and after 7.01pm, Monday to Friday.

Plus, Off-Peak Carnet tickets are brilliant for travel at any time of the day on weekends and bank holidays.

Where can I use my Carnet ticket?

You can use Carnet tickets for travel from these stations:

Bedford Cambridge Harpenden
Hatfield* Hertford North Hitchin*
Huntingdon Leagrave Letchworth Garden City*
Luton  Luton Airport Parkway Potters Bar*
Royston St Albans City St Neots
Stevenage* Welwyn Garden City*  

How do I buy Carnet train tickets?

Buying Carnet tickets is easy. You can:

  • Book online – use the journey planner to find the train you want. Scroll to ‘view all available fares’ and choose the Carnet ticket that suits your route. Then have them sent First Class
  • At your station ticket office (during opening hours)

*Using Carnet tickets on the London Underground

Carnet tickets terms and conditions

For more details on how you can use Carnet tickets, read our terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Book Carnet tickets

For books of 5 or 10 tickets, 10% savings and a 3 month period to travel over.