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Keep your options open with Anytime, a flexible ticket that’s valid all day.

Anytime tickets

Keep your options open with Anytime, a flexible ticket that’s valid all day.

Anytime Tickets – Travel Anywhere, Any Time

If you want the ultimate flexibility, then opt for an Anytime train ticket. Whether you’ve got an important meeting to attend at London St Pancras International or a trip to Gatwick for a business flight, an Anytime train ticket gives you the most flexibility.

Because sometimes we just don’t know exactly what time we’ll need to travel.

When are Anytime Single and Anytime Return tickets valid?

Anytime! When you buy an Anytime train ticket, you can travel at any time of day, in both Peak and Off-Peak times. There are a few different options to choose from.

Anytime Day Single
When you buy an Anytime Day single, you can get from A to B on the date shown on the ticket.

Anytime Single
An Anytime single gives you a little more flexibility. You can use this within two days of the date on the ticket. The latest time you can use it is until 04.29 after the last valid day.

Anytime Day Return
An Anytime Day return ticket lets you complete both parts of your journey, there and back, on the same day. This is the date that’s shown on your ticket.

Anytime Return
Our Anytime return tickets give you the biggest freedom. Set off within 5 days of the date on your ticket and return within one calendar month.

Anytime Day Travelcard
Want to explore the sights in London? Then an Anytime Day Travelcard might be for you. Get into London on the train, then take advantage of unlimited travel in London Zones 1-6. It’s valid on the Tube, London buses, London Overground, Trams, Docklands Light Railway and National Rail services. Just make sure you return on the same day.

City Thameslink to Luton Airport

Anytime Day Single

Buy tickets - City Thameslink to Luton Airport

Bedford to London

Anytime Day Travelcard

Buy tickets - Bedford to London

Gatwick Airport to London Blackfriars

Anytime Return

Buy tickets - Gatwick Airport to London Blackfriars

Why choose Anytime tickets?

The great thing about Anytime tickets is that they are completely flexible, with no time restrictions. You can:

  • Buy on the day or in advance
  • Receive a 50% discount for children aged 5-10
  • Travel with two free children under 5 (with a paying adult)
  • Certain Railcard holders can save 1/3

How do I buy Anytime tickets?

Anytime train tickets can be bought in advance or just before travel, it’s completely up to you. Here are some of the ways you can get your tickets:

  • Book Online – they can be delivered First Class or collected at the station
  • Through our On Track app (iOS) and printed at the station
  • Using a ticket machine inside the station
  • At station ticket offices (during opening hours)

Terms and conditions

For more details of when you can use Anytime tickets, read the terms and conditions.

No booking fees and collect from any station in the UK

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