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Flying from Gatwick Airport?

Start your trip by train. Fast, frequent services and great value fares

Take off in no time from Gatwick

Thameslink trains run frequently from lots of London stations to London Gatwick Airport. Get your holiday off to a great start by train. Why go any other way?

Weekend Super Off-Peak ticket prices from London stations start at just £9.70, and if you have a Railcard you could pay even less.

You can even use contactless or Oyster Pay as You Go so you don’t have to queue, meaning you can breeze through the barriers and hop on board in no time

Get fast, frequent connections from:

  • London Blackfriars
  • City Thameslink
  • Farringdon
  • London St Pancras International
  • London Bridge

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Travelling in a group?

You can save 25% with our Anytime Small Group fare for groups of three to five (available from station ticket offices). If you’re travelling Off Peak in a group of three to nine people, ask for a GroupSave ticket and you’ll save 34%.

Planning your journey

We recommend that you always leave plenty of time to catch your flight, and check with your airline how far ahead of your flight time you need to arrive at the airport.

You can use these links to help you plan: 

No booking fees and collect from any station in the UK

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