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Contactless travel

Find out how to travel on Thameslink trains in London on a contactless debit or credit card without buying a ticket for each trip.

No need for tickets

Most stations in London allow you to pay for your journey with a contactless debit or credit card, for travel on buses, Tubes, trams and most trains.

This includes Thameslink and most National Rail services in the capital, as well as Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and trains between London and Gatwick Airport.

Contactless benefits

You won’t have to queue for tickets at the station and won’t have to top up your Oyster card.

Just touch in and out if you’re on the train, Tube or DLR. On buses and trams, you only need to touch your card on the card reader when you start your journey.

Contactless is also usually cheaper than paying with cash.

It’s normally the same price as using an Oyster card, and the cost is capped so you can make several trips in one day.

Find out more about using contactless cards on the Transport for London website.

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