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Off-Peak tickets

If you don’t need to travel in rush hour you can choose an Off-Peak ticket and save money.

Everyday great savings

If you’re travelling on a weekday but outside the morning or evening peak times, it’s cheaper to buy an Off-Peak ticket than an Anytime fare.

They’re available as single or day return fares.

Off-Peak times depend on the train company you’re travelling with, where you’re going and when you’re travelling. Use the journey planner to check for Off-Peak services.

Off-Peak at a glance

  • Travel Monday-Friday outside busy times
  • Travel any time on weekends and Bank Holidays

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London St Pancras to Brighton

Off-Peak Day Return

Buy tickets from £17.60

St Albans City to London

Off-Peak Day Travelcard

Buy tickets from £17.90

Bedford to London Blackfriars

Off-Peak Day Single

Buy tickets from £23.00
Travel by train off-peak with Thameslink trains

Off-Peak on Thameslink

Morning peak time

Off-Peak tickets to London stations can’t be used on trains scheduled to arrive in London before 10.00.

Evening peak time

The return part of an Off-Peak ticket can’t be used on northbound services that leave London between 16.30 and 19.01 – but you can use a single Off-Peak or the outward part of a return at these times.

The evening peak restrictions above don’t apply:

  • On any southbound train
  • On journeys starting south of East Croydon
  • On journeys starting and ending north of West Hampstead Thameslink

Kids travel for just £2

Travelling with children aged 5-15?

Book your Off-Peak or Super Off-Peak ticket online and up to four children can travel with you for just £2 each – no matter where you’re going. The discount’s automatically applied when you book your tickets online.

Save on First Class with your Railcard

Save a 1/3 on Off-Peak fares

If you have a Senior, HM Forces or Disabled Persons Railcard, you get 1/3 off all First Class Off-Peak and First Class Super Off-Peak fares.

Read the general terms and conditions for Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets. Got a question? Contact us.

Travelling outside busy times?

Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak tickets will save you money