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Carnet tickets

When you buy a Carnet you get a book of pre-paid single tickets for a certain journey. It’s cheaper than buying the same tickets on the day you travel.

About Carnet tickets

Save 10% when you buy a book of five or 10 Carnet tickets with us. 

If you regularly use the same route but don’t know exactly when you’ll need to travel – for example, if you occasionally work in a different office – you could save money by buying a book of Carnet tickets in advance.

Carnet tickets are:

  • sold in books of five or 10
  • available on a range of routes between National Rail stations (not Underground)
  • valid for three months
  • standard class
  • singles, not returns: if you’re making a regular round trip, you buy a book of Carnets for each direction

Buy Carnet tickets

St Albans City to London

Carnet Peak 10

Buy tickets from £93.00

Luton to London

Carnet Off-Peak 5

Buy tickets from £35.50

Bedford to London

Carnet Peak 5

Buy tickets from £95.00

Anytime Carnet tickets

Buy a book of Anytime tickets if you want to travel at any time, including the rush hour.

Off-Peak Carnet tickets

Buy Off-Peak Carnet tickets if you want to avoid the rush hour during the week. You can use your Off-Peak Carnet ticket if you:

  • Arrive in London after 10:00, Monday to Friday
  • Leave London after 09:30, Monday to Friday
  • Travel before 16:30 and after 19:01, Monday to Friday
  • Travel on public holidays

On weekends and Bank Holidays you can travel Off-Peak at any time.

Thameslink stations where you can use Carnet tickets

You can use Carnet tickets for travel from these Thameslink stations:

Bedford Luton 
Harpenden Luton Airport Parkway
Leagrave St Albans City

Carnet tickets terms and conditions

For more details on how you can use Carnet tickets, read our terms and conditions.

Book Carnet tickets

For books of 5 or 10 tickets, 10% savings and a 3 month period to travel over.