Improving your stations

Public Consultation

Thank you to everyone who took the time to get in touch about our plans to evolve the station role and to improve how we operate the stations and retail our tickets. We’ve listened to your views and we’ve also spoken to London TravelWatch, Transport Focus and the Trade unions. In response to the concerns you raised, and our discussions we’ve amended our proposals. Below is a summary of the concerns raised and our responses:

Concern Our response
I want to be able to buy the full range, and best value, tickets from the station We will be retaining the ticket office machines so that we can continue to sell the full range of tickets (including railcards) that you can buy from ticket offices today.

Our Station Hosts will be available to sell tickets and offer advice on the best tickets for the journey you are making.
I want to be served by a person; staff availability will reduce Our Station Hosts will be there to help you buy the most appropriate ticket for your journey and to provide advice and information.

The only difference is that our Station Hosts will be helping you on the concourse instead of the ticket office, so we can increase the availability of the staff to all customers using the station.

They will also be there for longer than the ticket offices are open today.

The stations where we are introducing Station Hosts will have a member of staff available from the first service of the day to the last, seven days a week.

We will also have staff on platforms for train dispatch and assistance, as we do today.
I want staff assistance getting around stations and onto trains Our Station Hosts will be more visible and readily accessible to provide assistance and information. At most stations there will be a Hosted Information Point so that it is clearly recognisable where this assistance can be given.

Together with our platform staff who are unaffected by these changes, our Station Hosts will be available to help anyone who requires assistance when travelling.

We are also working with disability user groups and other key stakeholders to ensure we consider the needs of disabled passengers. Our Accessibility Impact Statement outlines further details about the changes and how we are making things better for our passengers with accessibility needs.
The ticket machines are not always available or reliable We continue to work with our suppliers to improve the functionality of our self-service machines which already have high rates of reliability. Our ticket office staff help keep these machines in service but at busy times cannot get out of the ticket office to fix them or report any faults.

With our proposals, Station Hosts will be able to keep a closer eye on the ticket machines as they will be on the concourse, not in the ticket office. The longer hours of duty that Hosts are in place at stations will enable essential activities like topping up tickets and change to be done at quieter times of the day and in readiness for peak times.

They will also be trained in basic maintenance and will be available to help customers who want to use the ticket machines.

We are installing 63 additional ticket machines across the network to meet the growing demand for self service and are looking to make further ticket types available
How do I get refunds, Delay Repay compensation vouchers exchanged and other processes? Our Station Hosts will be able to help you in the same way that ticket office staff do today.

They will have access to ticket office equipment for more complex transactions and processes such as refunds and cashing compensation vouchers.
Will queuing times increase? We are committing to maintaining the queuing standards that are in place today. You will not have to queue for any longer to buy tickets.

We are developing station operating plans to ensure demand is met at each station, providing additional staff as required at busier times or when special events are taking place.
I am concerned that the service I receive at a station will get worse We strongly believe our plans are the right way to go but we understand that you’ll have some concerns.

That’s why we plan to trial these changes for six months at a few stations to allow us to prove that the concept works and refine our plans as necessary before we introduce the changes more widely. We are determined to improve your experience at our stations, not worsen it. The benefits of Station Hosts include:
  • Increased staff presence to assist customers with ticket purchases, provision of information and assistance.
  • Staff assistance with buying tickets will increase compared to current ticket office opening times.
  • Stations will be staffed from the first train of the day to the last train of the day.
  • Passengers will still be able to buy the full range of tickets at these stations.
  • Station facilities, such as waiting rooms and lifts will be available for longer periods of the day.
  • Improved assisted travel arrangements and times of operation.
  • Improved safety and security for our passengers.