Improving your railway

Improving the customer experience

Over our seven year franchise we are committed to deliver changes at our stations, onboard our trains and behind the scenes to improve the customer experience. This includes changes to how we sell tickets, our station environments, some of our frontline roles and how we look after our customers.

We're also introducing brand new trains on the network to improve the reliability and capacity of our service.

We're making these changes in order to modernise the railway, and bring us up-to-date with new technology and customer service standards whilst at the same time ensuring our frontline colleagues have the right skills to deliver the customer experience our passengers have come to expect.

Our commitments to our customers

  • We will modernise the railway to make it easier and better for our customers
  • We will improve the reliability and capacity of our train service
  • We will ensure our knowledgeable staff are more accessible and available on trains and in stations
  • We will use new technology to make it easier for our passengers to get information and buy tickets
  • We will improve the at-station and on-train environment

Find out more about what's changing:

Improving your stations

We're bringing our staff out from behind the ticket office window and onto the station concourse to make them more visible and available to assist everyone using the station. Find out more here.

Improving our service onboard

We're evolving the on-board roles to provide passengers with a better customer experience whilst on our trains. Find out more here.

Improving accessibility

Our plans to modernise the railway will make things easier for passengers with accessibility needs. Find out more here.