Park and Go

Park & Go lets you pay at any time during the day as long as you do so before you leave the car park. There’s no need to wait at a kiosk if you're in a rush or go back to your car to display the ticket.

An electronic system recognises your number plate as you enter the car park and calculates the tariff band that you pay.

Park & Go is available at Bedford and Potters Bar stations.

Touch screen ticket machines let you pay by cash or card or you can pay using your mobile phone when you sign up for an online account.

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Pay at the kiosk

You'll find the Park & Go kiosks in the station on the way from the car park to the trains.

Touch the screen to begin, then either select your vehicle from the list displayed on the top of the screen or type in your registration details.

Follow the screen prompts and when you’ve chosen the amount of time you wish to park, pay using a card or cash. Remember, you don’t need to display anything in your vehicle.

Paying online

You can pay online by registering online to create an account and paying for parking daily or buying a period season ticket. If you've bought season tickets before you may already have a Pay and Go account.

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