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Railcards are a great way to get discounted rail travel around Great Britain - you’ll save at least 1/3 off many fares. You can buy your railcard online or pop into your local station.

If you’ve registered your Oyster card for railcard discounts you’ll get a 34% saving on your Off-Peak Oyster limit - meaning you can make unlimited London tube and bus journeys for even less daily. Find out more from Transport for London

Network Railcard

You can buy a Network Railcard for £30 and this will give you 1/3 off adult and 60% off child train fares in London and the South-East. You’ll be able to use your Network Railcard on most journeys in the Network Railcard area and trips to and around London.

Up to three adults can travel with you and they’ll also get 1/3 off their rail fare. Plus, you can take up to four children (aged 5 to 15 years old) with you and save 60% on each of their fares.

It’s easy to order your Network Railcard online! Fill in the application form below before 5pm and we’ll dispatch your Railcard the same day.

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16-25 Railcard

The 16-25 Railcard costs just £30 and gives you 1/3 off rail fares in Great Britain for a whole year – Standard and First Class Advance tickets are included. You have the option to buy a three year 16-25 Railcard for just £70.

You can get a 16-25 Railcard if you’re aged between 16 and 25, or if you’re a mature student aged over 26 and are in full-time education.

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Family and Friends Railcard

You can buy the Family and Friends Railcard and you’ll get 1/3 off adult fares and 60% off children’s fares on GB rail travel – Standard Class and Advance fares are included. You can save even more and buy a three year Family and Friends Railcard for just £70.

Up to four adults and four children can travel on one card and you don’t need to be related.

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Two Together Railcard

For just £30, the new Two Together Railcard gives you 1/3 off GB rail travel, including all adult Standard and First Class Anytime, Off-Peak and Advanced fares. Two named people over the age of 16 must travel together, but you don't have to be related.

Together you can save on practical everyday journeys, fun day trips or exciting weekend breaks - as many times as you like.

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Senior Railcard

The Senior Railcard costs just £30 and gives you 1/3 off GB rail travel, including all Standard and First class fares. You can also buy a three year Senior Railcard for just £70.

You can only apply for a Senior Railcard if you're 60 years or over.

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Disabled Persons Railcard

If you have a disability which makes travelling by train difficult, you may be able to apply for a Disabled Persons Railcard.

The Disabled Persons Railcard only costs £20 and gives you 1/3 off rail travel in Great Britain. You can use it on most journeys and if you have an adult with you, they can also get the same discount. You can buy a three year Disabled Persons Railcard for just £54.

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