Carnet tickets

If you travel regularly to and from London but not often enough to buy a Season ticket, the Carnet ticket booklet could save you time and money.

You can buy a Carnet booklet of either five or 10 single journey tickets and you’ll save 10%. Your Carnet tickets will need to be used within three months and only from selected stations. Don’t forget that Carnet tickets are one-way, so you’ll need a separate book of Carnet tickets for your return journeys.

There are two types of Carnet tickets to choose from:

Anytime tickets - unrestricted travel

Off-Peak tickets - choose this if you:

  • Arrive in London after 10:00 Monday to Friday
  • Leave London after 09:30 Monday to Friday
  • Travel before 16:30 and after 19:01 Monday to Friday
  • Travel on public holidays 

Please note that Carnet booklets are only available as Standard Class fares.

Carnet Anytime tickets are also available from selected stations to/from Cambridge.

At which stations can I use Carnet tickets?

Carnet booklets are available if you’re travelling from the following stations:

  • Cambridge
  • Royston (Anytime available to/from Cambridge)
  • Letchworth Garden City (Anytime available to/from Cambridge)
  • Huntingdon
  • St Neots
  • Hitchin (Anytime available to/from Cambridge)
  • Stevenage (Anytime available to/from Cambridge)
  • Welwyn Garden City (Anytime available to/from Cambridge)
  • Hatfield (Anytime available to/from Cambridge)
  • Potters Bar (Anytime available to/from Cambridge)
  • Hertford North
  • Bedford
  • Leagrave
  • Luton
  • Luton Airport Parkway
  • Harpenden
  • St Albans

Terms and conditions apply

Where can I buy my Carnet booklet of tickets?

You can buy your tickets online or at your local station. If you’re ordering online, you’ll need to select a single adult ticket and the Carnet options will be displayed.

Each ticket is valid for one journey only. You’ll need to remember to add the date you’re travelling in permanent ink in the boxes at the top of the ticket before you travel.

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