Go Super Off-Peaking in the South Bank this weekend...

Whether you are looking for the chance to make the most of some of London’s most popular attractions, take in an exhibition or just stroll along the banks of the Thames… the South Bank has plenty on offer for those looking for a great day out by train. Here’s a handy roundup of some fantastic ways to spend your time on the South Bank:

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Begin with breakfast

You are going to need to feel super charged for a day exploring the South Bank, there is so much to see – so kick things off with a hearty breakfast. Make a beeline for “Love and Scandal”; a quirky café nestled in the shadow of Waterloo station. Indulge in their heavenly smashed avocado on sourdough toast – it’s what the ridiculous word “nom” was invented for!

After breakfast, take some time for people watching…The South Bank offers a fantastic array of places to pitch up and relax so you can watch the world go by. Why not be nosy from the comfort of a river cruise, conveniently also offering some fantastic views along the South Bank and beyond! You can jump on a boat and cruise all the way down to Greenwich and back if the mood takes you. There are lots of 2FOR1 offers on a variety of river cruises so make sure you check our website for all the latest offers before you set sail!

Alternatively, if you are looking for people watching opportunities on solid ground then check out the shops, galleries and café’s that make up the fantastically quirky Gabriel’s Wharf. Featuring a range of independent boutique’s with a range of exquisite design-led goods from jewellery to clothes and furnishings, it’s the perfect place to combine people watching with a little retail therapy. 

Launch into Lunch

Recharge those batteries and take a load off. The South Bank boasts an extraordinary range of places to enjoy a midday break. For lunch with a bit of kick, venture along to Wahaca’s famous Mexican Street stall situated outside the Southbank Centre. Or if you have a hankering for a hot sausage roll then you should immediately head to Borough Market – there is an eye watering array of incredible food stuff on offer here but if you can keep your wits about you, then head to The Ginger Pig for an incredible sausage roll that will immediately ruin all future sausage rolls for you.

Post lunch is the perfect time to take in a spot of culture and no visit to the South Bank would be complete without a visit to the world famous Tate Modern. Free to visit, this former Bankside power station is home to a mind boggling collection of modern art that will challenge and twizzle your brain in the most fascinating fashion! If cinema is more your thing then head to the world famous BFI IMAX for an almighty immersive cinema experience that will blow your mind!


Dive into Dinner

If your parents are in town and you are looking for somewhere nice to share a meal then look no further than The Skylon Restaurant, situated on the third floor of the Royal Festival Hall. Boasting beautiful views across the river, mouth-watering steak and a delightful ambiance, it’s a fantastic way to spend an evening (assuming your folks are paying of course!). For dinner options less likely to hurt your wallet, try the black pudding scotch egg at The Mulberry Bush or the gnocchi al forno at The Terrace in the National Theatre.

Extend your Evening

The South Bank has plenty on offer for the night owl with a sparkling array of cocktail lounges, bars and clubs to see you through into the small hours of the morning. Topolski is fantastic for live music and club nights. Alternatively if you like to enjoy your live music with an exotic cocktail in your hand then Primo Bar is the place for you. Showcasing new talent every Tuesday, and throwing out a Ladies night on the first Thursday of every month, Primo is primed for those who love to party! For those looking for a more sedate evening, head to Studio 6 in Gabriel’s Wharf for an evening of affordable and tasty tipples from an extensive menu on offer!

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