Twitter rules of engagement

Twitter rules of engagement

Our trained tweeters have their fingers on the keyboard 24/7, ready to provide you with your travel information, answer questions, give some advice or just have a bit of a chat.

As well as providing train running information, we like to hear and share good news as well. Twitter is also about having fun and we appreciate the wit and humour of our followers too.

We receive a high volume of comments and questions each day and unfortunately can’t always respond to all of these, therefore we focus on responses which can bring the most significant practical benefit to our passengers. 

Due to the character limit on twitter, we can’t respond to detailed questions about our policies or procedures, so we may need to direct you to our customer relations team, if added detail is required.

Whilst we understand that things can sometimes go wrong, and how frustrating this can be, we do ask that you remain polite when chatting with our Twitter team – they will do their very best to help you but we won’t respond to tweets that are abusive. Keep it friendly and we’ll be here to help.

Our commitment and terms of engagement

  1. We will manage our account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of Christmas Day – it is Christmas after all.
  2. When things go wrong we’ll do our best to help, but in times of major disruption we will focus on broadcasting information to as many people as possible and therefore won’t be able to respond to all individual messages. We will include links to other channels for further information to help you with your journey.
  3. Some enquiries / complaints will require specialist input from other parts of the business and therefore we may not be able to offer a full response immediately. We will either give you a full reply as soon as we can or may direct you to our Customer Services team.
  4. If you need a detailed response or explanation that can’t easily be addressed on Twitter or if your enquiry doesn’t relate to train running information or general issues we may need to direct you somewhere else. Please don’t be offended by this, we just want to make sure you get an appropriate response to your enquiry.
  5. We will do our best to always respond to your tweets but, as detailed above, we might not always be able to do this.
  6. We will always be polite and considerate to our followers and ask that you communicate with us in the same way. We won’t engage with Tweets that are abusive. In cases of repeated / sustained abuse, we may have no choice but to block the account(s), but we hope this won’t be necessary.
  7. Please don’t take or post photographs of staff or name them on Twitter. If this happens, we will kindly ask you to remove the post. If you wish to make a complaint against a member of staff, please contact Customer Services

We look forward to having a chat with you soon @GNRailUK or @TLRailuk