Introducing the new Thameslink brand

We’re changing – and so is our brand

New Thameslink logoUntil now Thameslink has not had its own identity and has been sharing one with Great Northern, even though the lines are actually very different. Things are changing for both lines but for Thameslink the changes are more noticeable and are starting to happen now.
We will soon start receiving the first of our brand new trains and together with our partners in the Thameslink Programme we are also improving the stations and tracks so that in the coming years we’ll have increased capacity and offer better connections right through the heart of London. We have created a new brand to help reflect this unique service and provide a new look and feel for the future of this vital line.
Our new brand is built on the idea of being Straight Forward. Thameslink is a complicated line; it offers a unique service linking people from the north and south of the River Thames, with trains running frequently right through the heart of London. We need to make travel on our line as simple as it can be and we always want to improve.

So what does Straight Forward mean?

Straight Forward is about what you, our customers want – to get moving, with links to airports, major hubs and other lines such as the soon to be launched Crossrail. We’re here to try and make train travel easier for people making those connections by taking a common sense approach to continually improve our service.

When will I see the new brand?

The Thameslink network is vast and it would be wrong to spend money changing logos and branding for the sake of it. We are committed to making sure the new brand appears on anything that we produce from this point forward by replacing old items as and when it is right to do so. This means you will not suddenly see a new set of uniforms, station signage or the logo on all trains overnight, but we are making steps to introduce this in the right way and know this will take time. This does not mean everything in the old brand is wrong. But as we move forward as a business we do so with our Straight Forward brand in mind.